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Tooth Repair Kit, Moldable Tooth Replacements Kit for Fixing, Dental Care Kit Filling Fake Teeth DIY at Home, Restoring Your Confident Smile

  • [SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY] The dental restoration kit uses thermoformed beads made of eco-friendly polymer plastic Safe and odorless, you can use it with confidence, it will give you the power to smile again.
  • [Natural Comfort] The shapeable heat beads fit your teeth perfectly, without discomfort and foreign body feeling, natural and comfortable like real teeth!, [Handmade Home DIY] Broken teeth, large gaps, uneven teeth, and missing teeth can be repaired by yourself, DIY teeth at home, saving time and money.
  • [Simple and Convenient]You need to carefully refer to the instructions in the box, after a few practice, you will get a good tooth The more you try, the more skilled you will become Once you're proficient, you'll find it convenient and you'll love this dental restoration method.
  • [Wide range of application]Suitable for all dental restorations, don't worry about the size Whether it's an important occasion such as a date, a job interview, or a party, dentures can help you regain your confidence and increase your attractiveness .
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