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Plaque Remover for Teeth - Electric Tooth Cleaner - Best Dental Scaler Cleaning Tool Kit - Safe and Effective Dental Calculus Remover (Blue)

  • Effective Cleaning in Minutes: Stop struggling every time you use a toothbrush! This teeth whitening kit quickly removes dirt, plaque, tartar, and calculus build-up from areas where floss and manual or electric toothbrushes can’t reach The special teeth cleaner includes replaceable cleaning heads that scrape away stubborn plaque build-up from crooked teeth and wisdom teeth, as well as dental picks for removing sticky dirt and plaque from tooth surfaces, in-between teeth, and along the gum line.
  • Better Cleaning for Hidden Areas: Enjoy better home oral hygiene with this all in one plaque remover and tartar scraper! This oral care device is specially designed to remove plaque build-up, tartar, and calculus from tight corners, as well as tooth surfaces with braces and retainers, in just a few minutes.
  • High-Efficiency Cleaning Modes: Need an oral health tool that’s safe for sensitive teeth and gums? This electric dental calculus remover comes with 5 safe and effective adjustable cleaning modes to choose from Clean off stains and dirt before work using the oral care device’s lower cleaning settings, or move your way up if you need to get rid of stubborn tartar and calculus This plaque stain teeth cleaner is sure to meet all kinds of oral health needs and give you a dazzling smile!, Eliminates Stains and Bad Breath: Show off a brighter and more confident smile with this teeth cleaner! It only takes a few minutes for this plaque stain teeth cleaner to remove tea, smoke, and coffee stains, so you don’t have to worry about any awkward situations during work or travel Start living your best life with this teeth cleaning kit!, Easy and Safe Oral Care: This portable household tooth cleaner makes daily teeth and gum cleaning super simple and safe for everyone The electric tooth cleaner automatically shuts off when too much pressure is applied to the gums and enamel, so people with sensitive teeth and gums don’t have to worry about any injuries or pain during cleaning An anti-slip handle also ensures that you can clean your teeth in the shower without dropping or damaging the electric dental calculus remover .
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