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MOON Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light, Wireless, 5 Minute Treatment, Gentle on Teeth, Helps Remove Stains from Coffee, Smoking, Wine, Soda

  • LED LIGHT TEETH WHITENING KIT MOON’s easy to use Teeth Whitening Device uses a fast-acting LED light and simple, no-mess dissolvable teeth whitening strips to streamline your premium beauty routine for truly noticeable dental results Make your mouth happy with a brighter, whiter smile and achieve those tooth whitening goals with MOON’s incredible, modern, teeth whitening kit.
  • 12 SHADES WHITER TEETH IN 5 MINUTES LED Light Teeth Whitening Device rapidly whitens teeth up to 12 shades in 2 weeks with twice daily use at 5 minutes per use Skip the mess of a whitening tray and gel The Teeth Whitening device pairs perfectly with MOON’s dissolvable teeth whitening strips LED light is specially engineered to activate the hydrogen peroxide in the dissolving teeth whitening strips to remove tough stains on the tooth’s surface.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, WIRELESS, AND WATER-RESISTANT The Teeth Whitening Kit allows you to whiten anywhere, anytime! Easy to use and no rinsing required Kit includes 1 compact LED light teeth whitening device, 56 Peppermint-flavored dissolving teeth whitening strips, 1 sleep travel case for on -the-go whitening, and 1 small, easy to use USB charger Whitening strip refills may be purchased separately.
  • GENTLE ON TEETH ENAMEL MOON’s teeth whitening strips on formulated to be gentle on teeth enamel and the teeth whitening kit does not increase sensitivity Our no-slip dissolving whitening strips are form-fitted to teeth with a thinner design that won’t irritate the gum line for a more gentle whitening process.
  • CREATING THE MOON EXPERIENCE Our aim is to transform your oral care experience into an oral beauty experience, because oral care shouldn’t be boring Our goal is simple, to disrupt, innovate and surpass all other products with an elevated, modern whitening experience That’s why we deliberately chose better-for-you ingredients while crafting every formula and product MOON holds a strong commitment to supporting healthy smiles around the world .
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