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Moerie Ultimate Hair Growth Spray Designed to Strengthen Hair & Stop Hair Loss - 100% Natural Hair Serum for Hair Growth with over 100 Minerals, Vitamins & Amino acids - Fresh Scent - 5.07 Fl. Oz

  • Luscious Locks Courtesy of Mother Nature: Had it with constant hair loss? Try our lab-tested hair thickening spray; Unlike other hair growth products, it nourishes and fortifies your hair with 125 natural nutrients for fabulous shine and volume, Strengthen Your Hair and Your Confidence: Ready to turn a few heads? Use our hair growth serum for just 30 days, and you should start to see stunning results; In 3 months, this powerful volumizing spray can change your whole look – and your life!, Just Spray It & Leave It: Why mess with complex hair routines? Simply spray our Hair Volumizer directly onto your scalp right after you’ve washed your hair (preferably with our Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner Set); Then massage it in and leave it on, 77 Minerals, 18 Proteins, 5 Vitamins: Each ingredient in our thickening spray has a special purpose; Caffeine blocks DHT; Fulvic acid helps funnel nutrients to each individual follicle; Biotin boosts keratin production to strengthen and lengthen hair – and that’s only the beginning, 30-Day Money-Back Return Policy: We stand behind every 150ml bottle of our hair regrowth treatment for women and men; Like all Moerie hair growth products, it’s non-GMO and safe for all hair types, including colour treated hair .
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