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Lume Acidified Body Wash - Eliminates Odor Reactions, pH Optimized and Promotes Healthy and Soft Skin, 8.5oz (Pink Peony)

  • POWERED BY MANDELIC ACID With a lower pH than traditional soap, acidified cleansing creates skin that looks and feels better Acidified skin is happy skin.
  • ELIMINATES ODOR REACTIONS In Clinical studies, people who used Lume Acidified Body Wash smelled 35X better right out of the shower than those who used ordinary soap Go beyond clean!, PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN by softening skin and supporting your skin’s protective acid mantle which keeps our healthy microbiome in check.
  • GYNECOLOGIST APPROVED AND RECOMMENDED Because we are Lume and based in science, we are always preserving\/optimizing the skin's acid mantle, helping it to resist the impact of things that lead to acne, and other skin conditions Safe for all skin.
  • ACIDIFIED BODY WASH 85 oz (Pink Peony) Spring peony with a touch of rose and citrus! .
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