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Lip Scrub, Lip Mask and Lip Exfoliator with Double Effect, Lip Sleeping Mask, Repair Lip Mask for Dry, Cracked Lips, Collagen Booster Sleeping Lip Mask Repair Treatment to Restore, Lip Moisturizer for Lip Treatment Care, Lip Repair Balm (Strawberry)

  • Dual Effect: This product has a dual structure design One bottle contains Lip Scrub Care and Lip Moisturize Care, which can help soften the aging horny of the lips, and add rich nutrient moisturizing essence to the lips, improve the skin problems of the lips, and create a pink baby lips.
  • Lip Scrub Mask: If your lips are chapped to prevent you from smiling, our scrub lip masks will change your situation This scrub is natural, safe, gentle and effective way to eliminate dry scaly lips Use it twice a week to exfoliate.
  • Lip Moisturize Mask: The active collagen peptide formula is highly water-soluble and absorbs quickly to ensure effective delivery to dry lips that require care and treatment Moisturizing lip care creates a moisture barrier and lasts moisture! Help your lips keep their natural health and juicyness.
  • Superior Sleep Lip Care: One application of the double effect lip care overnight can be up to ten times more effective in caring for your lips than using ordinary lip balms Maximize your rest time for lip care, when all muscles are relaxed and movements are minimized , allowing for greatest absorption.
  • Excellent sleep lip care: Applying a lip mask once a night is ten times more effective than using a regular lip balm When all muscles are relaxed and exercise is minimized, the rest time for lip care can be maximized for maximum absorption .
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