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Lash Clusters B02 DIY Eyelash 72 Cluster Lashes C D Curl B&Q LASH Mega Volume Individual Lashes Eyelash Clusters Wispy Lashes Cluster DIY at Home (NM-D-8-16MIX)

  • 【Lash Clusters DIY at Home】: 72 clusters in one tray You can apply cluster lashes at home by yourself, and create a recent super popular manga effect Easy to put lashes on, gorgeous results, and lash clusters are not easily fall apart Clusters take less time to complete each eye Now save so much money and time.
  • 【Great Quality】: B&Q cluster lashes look real, not plasticky, gorgeous results, and lash clusters do not easily fall apart They are reusable with proper care Easy to take off and these individual eyelashes will not be broken when getting them off the backing with tweezers The lash clusters last for weeks Soft, lightweight, vegan, knot-free, and matte dark.
  • 【Suitable to Wear】: Use a tweezer to pinch the band of cluster eyelashes and apply lash clusters below your natural lashes You can barely feel the cluster lashes The bottom of the clusters is flat and hardly noticeable The lash band part will not stab your eyelid area when you blink Bring you a perfect experience during lash application.
  • 【New Style New Possibility】: The individual cluster lashes are great for a natural look or glam look You can apply silk cluster lashes in ascending order which gives a nice cat-eye effect—different sizes for different sections to choose from The individual lashes blend effortlessly with other lengths and your own lashes and match more possibilities.
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