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Laduora Velve Facial Wand Complete Kit for Face and Neck Red Light Therapy Microcurrents Warming Facial Massage to Lift, Tone, Reduce Wrinkles

  • ✅ Touch Sensing Activation: Simply spread any type of water-based serum, gel, or facial mist on cleansed skin and place the VELVE head against the hydrated skin to turn it on and remove to turn it off.
  • ✅ Microcurrents: LADUORA VELVE uses a low-level microcurrent to give skin the boost it needs The current it used is similar to the one naturally produced from our body to promote smooth, healthy skin.
  • ✅ Red Light Therapy: The optimal range of LED red light at 630nm helps stimulate collagen and improve tissue oxygenation for rejuvenated, plumper skin.
  • ✅ Therapeutic Warmth: Thermal therapy increases the skin permeability and blood flow, which results in better absorption of the serum to reach deeper into the skin.
  • ✅ Facial Massage: Instantly make your skin feel revived with this sonic vibration feature It mimics the effects of massage and provides a sweet moment of relaxation .
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