Instant GLF-WH-11JN020


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Dentrue Teeth Socket-Perfect Braces and Whitening Alternative No Pain No Shots No Drilling (1 up+ 1 Bottom+2 adhesives)

  • Specially designed cosmetic teeth veneer top & bottom units work for deformity teeth, making your stained or missing teeth covered with nice looking and smile confidently.
  • The size can be adjustable after putting into hot (boiled) water before use , which allows it fits most people, quite easy for use to make you smile instantly, It's a great alternative to expensive braces Beautiful denture teeth veneer in natural tooth color makes you more confidently smile while talking together with your loved ones\/friends, Saving cost to have teeth whitening effective, smart smile and smart life !, The full set of cosmetic teeth is an excellent tool in teeth whitening and your oral care Warmly welcome to have a Temporary Smile Comfort Fit .
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