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AOSKYKA Water Dental Flosser Teeth Pick Portable Cordless Oral Irrigator 220ML Rechargeable Irrigation Cleaner IPX7 Waterproof Water Flosser 3 Modes 8 Jet Tips Water Dental Picks for Teeth Cleaning

  • ��Thoroughly clean teeth & 360-degree rotating nozzle - The latest pulse water flow technology is adopted With a vibration frequency of 1200 to 1400 vibrations per minute, it effectively removes debris from the gaps between teeth The 360-degree rotating nozzle allows easy access to hard-to-clean areas, ensuring the removal of up to 9999% of food residue Note: Do not use while charging Once fully charged, unplug the cable and start as usual.
  • ��3 Modes & Easy Operation - Press the power button to set your desired water pressure You can adjust the water pressure accordingly For first-time users, it is recommended to start with the low-pressure mode and gradually adjust to your preferred water pressure Choose the soft mode if it is your first time using it.
  • ��USB Charging - The product adopts USB charging, equipped with a 1200mAh lithium battery that provides sufficient power With a full charge of 4-5 hours, it can be used continuously for 20-25 days, eliminating the need for frequent charging The portable and lightweight Freesun oral irrigator is also perfect for short business trips and travels.
  • ��Detachable 220ml Tank & IPX7 Waterproof - The tank can easily hold up to 220ml of water when the filling port is opened It is IPX7 waterproof, making it safe to use in places with high humidity such as the bathroom or during showers After use, it can be rinsed with water, making it easy to clean (The appliance is waterproof but should not be immersed in water for extended periods Also, avoid placing it in a humid environment for a long time), ��Portable & Ideal for Travel - With a removable 220ml water tank, this flosser is perfect for travel It is easy to pack in your bag or backpack for your journey It can be used with a 110v-220v universal power supply It comes with 8 replacement nozzles, a 360-degree rotating nozzle that can be adjusted to any angle, and it is useful for gum pocket cleaning, gum care, plaque removal, and freshening breath It is also helpful for braces and bridge care.
  • ��24 Months Warranty - We provide 24-hour dedicated customer service Within 2 year, we offer free replacement for new products without reasons for returns We also provide assistance for opened or used products It is our pleasure to assist you with any pre-sales and after-sales queries If you need any help with the product, please feel free to contact us .
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