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6 Pcs/Set Flower Jelly Lipstick Set Temperature Change Moisturizer Long Lasting Nutritious Shimmer Lip Balm Magic Color Change Lip Gloss (Color Changing Lipstick Set B)

  • Irresistible Floral Magic: Transform your lips with 3 enchanting Flower Jelly lipsticks that blossom into vibrant hues, and 3 Shimmerelly lipsticks for a dazzling, shimmery pout Unleash the power of nature's beauty on your lips!, PH-Activated Elegance: Experience the enchantment as the PH Color Changing Lipsticks interact with your unique body chemistry, creating a bespoke shade that evolves throughout the day Unleash the mystery of personalized lip color that adapts to you.
  • Long-Lasting Lusciousness: Our lipsticks not only deliver mesmerizing colors but also boast a long-lasting formula Enjoy a rich and vibrant lip color that stays put, ensuring you look fabulous from morning till night.
  • Nourish and Hydrate: Infused with moisturizing ingredients, our Tinted Lip Balms keep your lips soft, supple, and irresistibly kissable Pamper your lips with a blend of nourishing elements while enjoying a touch of tint for everyday glamour.
  • Luxe Lips, Nourished: Our Tinted Lip Balms not only add a hint of color but also nourish your lips with moisturizing ingredients Achieve luscious, hydrated lips that are irresistible to the touch, combining glamour with care .
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